Unlimited file size and unlimited transfers

Unlimited file size and unlimited transfers

There is no limit on the size and number of times you can share your files.

The only limit is your network and the device which you are using to transfer. We have tested for 2TB

No internet?
                                         No problem

No internet?
No problem

You can transfer files and data without the internet. If you are using the same network (LAN) as the recipient, you can transfer on that network.

And you can also send directly, from your device to the recipients by activating hotspot. Offline transfers is the fastest way to share files. It is also the most private and secure method since your data never goes through the internet.

Privacy first

Privacy First

No Ads, no tracking and no data sharing with third parties. Privacy is at the heart of everything we do. We follow a privacy by design approach which offer the following features

- all files sent over the internet are TLS encrypted.
-account authentication and verification information is stored in an encrypted database which cannot be seen or accessed by anyone.
*Please read our privacy policy for further information on how we protect your data and privacy.

Mobile Application
Desktop Application

Maintain transfer history and logs

Manage your transfer history

We provide a granular view to your sharing history which can be deleted anytime you want.

Cross platform

We have it all. Our apps work across windows, iOS, macOS and Android. Even when a recipient does not have the trango app, they can download the file from any browser by the generated link.

Cross platform functionality

Share multiple files with muliple receipients

Share multiple files with multiple people

You can share as many files with as many people you want! There is no limit!