What is Trango

Trango is simple. Trango is back to the basics. Trango allows you to send all sorts of files, across every major platform, with warp speed and privacy. Have a look at the video on our YouTube channel to understand what trango is!

How it works

Trango works by programmatically identifying the fastest way to transfer your files. Have a look at our step to step guide for a detailed understanding of how trango operates.

  • User downloads the app and creates a profile.
  • User validates profile through email.
  • Once verified, the user will have to add contacts, or friends who they would like to send files too.
  • Fortunately, receivers of files don’t need to have the trango app and can just click on a generated link to receive the file(s) through the browser.
  • Once a contact is added to your address book, you may select a file to send to them.

Additional Features

Unlock endless possibilities with our PRO Account!

  • Unlimited File Size*
  • Unlimited Offline Transfers
  • Unlimited Online Transfers
  • Encryption*
  • No. Of Devices (03)
  • Cross Platform Functionality (iOS, macOS, Android and Windows)
  • Compression
  • Password Protection
  • Transfer History