Technology in today’s world is growing rapidly and it has revolutionized the way we think and communicate. Unfortunately, our rural areas are left far behind and has created a digital divide. It is the need of the hour to eliminate the gap of technological advancements between urban and rural areas, as they both are equally significant for the development of a nation.

Here are some of the emerging technologies that can help build the bridges for off-grid areas to link to the outer world in the most effective ways.

Mobile money

Great advancements have made in past few years which has benefited us in countless ways such as artificial intelligence (AI), Information Technology (IT), Internet, Digital world and much more. Development of mobile technology has opened up new opportunities, not only for data transferring or communication but with great facility of Digital Financial Services (DFS).

With its rapid growth in the world especially in the developing countries, mobile money allows its users to transfer funds or pay bills through their cell phones. According to many studies, bringing these financial facilities and bank systems to the rural areas will benefit them in the context of business choices and financial liabilities and eventually lower down the poverty trends.

Retailers from around the world are now focusing on to expanding their networks to the rural areas. The two very dominant retailors in China are WeChat & Alipay and they are aiming to penetrate these services in rural areas as well. Similarly, Jazz Cash & Easy paisa are the major retailers of Pakistan with their services already being executed in the very remote and rural areas. Almost, 92.4% of mobile internet users in China used mobile payment. The penetration rates of Tenpay (WeChat Pay + QQ Wallet) and Alipay are 85.4% and 68.7% respectively.

Portable water filters

Clean and safe water supply is necessary for communities like small villages and towns where people lack in very basic health facilities. Many NGO’s and organizations like UNICEF and WHO are concerned in this mandatory regard. Several methods of water filtration were introduced including conventional water treatment plants and sand filtration but none of them proved to be reliable. There was an outbreak of water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, and jaundice among the poor people of rural areas and this was due to the failure of filtration plants.

Rural water filtration kit (RUWAFIKI) and producing Candle Stick Filters are making progress in filtering the water at small scale. However, the people from villages were advised to keep up with the ancient techniques of water filtration and to follow up with their local supply of drinking water through municipal agencies.

Solar power

Many of our rural areas with one third of the population is facing dreadful crisis of power supply even in today’s times. The foremost reason for the socio-economic development of any nation is dependent on how they structure the power supply systems in their rural or off-grid areas. Due to extreme weather conditions or lack of expertise, hybrid power systems are encouraged that includes generating energy or power through natural resources such as water,

sun, or wind. Solar power supply is the only technical feasible solution that can provide electricity to the remote rural communities.

Solar power is listing and powering everything from classrooms to clinics & homes and is only growing each passing day.


Trango is the world’s most versatile and powerful communication technology with a vision to provide instant connectivity even in the remotest areas of the world. People in remote areas

with little or no connectivity have trouble building bridges to the outer world or even in day-to-day communication with each other and nearby communities. TRANGO provides extremely portable technology with the fastest and the safest connection that can allow its users in rural areas to connect to each other and also to the other neighboring villages and towns.

Our rural areas do not have advanced Wi-Fi or LAN infrastructure to support outsourcing connections. Trango station is a portable version with data center and Wi-Fi Hotspot on which trango comes pre-installed. It can be installed in every remote or off-grid areas, engulfing an area as large as 1 km sq with its signals. It can provide equitable access to better education, health or business opportunities for our rural areas. Learn more about it at Trango.

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