Imagine, your friend has set you up on a blind date, or the person you just swiped right wants to meet you in person and make it a date   

A person like me would be very much anxious about whom I am going to spend my evening with. Would s/he be an intellectual, family person, ambitious, and most importantly not a creep who’s only looking for casual meets or hookups. There will be so many questions, concerns that would create anxiety in my stomach.  

While sitting in front of my laptop and watching a video, where the speaker spoke about something similar, it gave me an idea to have a virtual meet instead of the real date to be prepared beforehand, it just clicked to me that, such individuals, who are shy to go out at first and too nervous and concerned to share their number, email ID with a stranger to even have a virtual call, would be nothing but a saviour to them.  

Go to and start a call, copy the link from the down left side and send it either through your mutual friend who had set you up or send it through the apps you were connected from. Talk for a good 10 to 15 minutes, now here comes the real deal. You can either have an audio or a video call as you are comfortable with it. It would be a secured, private, and E2E encrypted calling tool. 

Before making a hard move to personally go and meet your (can be) potential partner, you can always have an audio/video call without sharing your personal details and see yourself beforehand if you both vibe together or not. Would you be comfortable or willing to share your evening (2 to 3 hours) with a person who has such a mindset?  

Pro-tip for you, to get that confidence and surety to be able to proceed for an in-person meeting, talk about prominent world/society issues, current affairs, aims, future plans, and their views on a relationship. Have this discussion during your call on and we are sure you will be good to go further ahead.♥️ 

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