How can trango guarantee your privacy?

Trango is peer to peer. Your data (offline and online calls, LAN based file transfer, LAN based text messages) do not go from the cloud in 85% of cases. In remaining 15% cases the data has to go from the TURN server (which is hosted on the cloud). This is because most webRTC applications require server to relay traffic, since direct socket is often not


Challenging The Way You Know

Trango is openly and proudly challenging the way you know about local communications.  Often, we accept solutions that don’t really solve our problems. Sometimes because of the lack of alternatives and at other times just because we have mentally accepted it. No wonder human brain is wired in such a way that it does not accept change easily unless it is imperative, or a desire is


Privacy Matters

Technology is meant to empower users, not control them. In this age of information data is power. How this power is used and by whom and how it threatens users’ privacy is a grave concern.  Contemporary discourses regarding internet, the information super highway, cyberspace and rapidly growing E-businesses, involve matters of privacy. Developments in information and communications technologies (ICTs) have given