Recently, on 9th February everyone talked about safety and privacy because it was Safer Internet Day. When it comes to Trango, we don’t believe in celebrating one day for anything especially when it comes to such an important cause. People talk about it but it has been long forgotten by the companies who are solely working and earning from one common source that is the internet. And no matter how much we-Trango wants to give the best communication services to our businesses, professionals, and other individual m we also don’t want to breach our customer’s safety and privacy which for us comes under our code of ethics. We stand by this!

But that’s not it, even if you are not a user of Trango we would still like to take care of your safety and privacy.  We are here to guide you through that. If you haven’t read one of our previous blogs on safety then do check it out. We have 10 Tips and Tricks to keep you safe on the internet, here is the link;

Trango is trying to build a community and not just a random application. We want like-minded people who can work with us and grow. We want to make this cause workable. Ever heard of cause-driven businesses? We are one of them.

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