Trango is openly and proudly challenging the way you know about local communications

Often, we accept solutions that don’t really solve our problems. Sometimes because of the lack of alternatives and at other times just because we have mentally accepted it. No wonder human brain is wired in such a way that it does not accept change easily unless it is imperative, or a desire is invoked to try it out. In such a case that change has to offer something unique, something that was missing for very long, something that is truly worth it. But once you find that change, it changes the game. 

Modern day businesses are built on creating ease. If your purchase is not creating ease for you, it’s a bad investment. However, one must decide what is ease for you? Is it using the same old ways that you have been doing forever that have been producing below average results, or is it something that genuinely creates convenience for you? When was the last time you were elated with your purchase? Or you thought that it was totally worth it, or it made so much difference in your life. There are very few such solutions. Reason being, it takes a lot of passion, hard work, smart work and persistence to build such a solution. Not everybody stays on this hard path for long. But it is this path that makes a brand truly great. 

Have you ever wondered how you make your local communications? What do you use within your organization to communicate, to make calls or to share files? For calling, probably intercom/pbx. And for file sharing you might be using the same old ways, emails or USB transfers. And yes, for you internet is a must, right?  

What if there could be a way designed especially for local communications that can make not just audio but also video calls and share large files-ok no, unlimited files-instantly, within a fraction of a second. And yes, all this while having no internet. Does that sound too much to you? Well, like I said that is exactly what truly great brands are built around-some crazy ideas! 

What you might feel crazy has already been built. It’s trango.  

Trango is openly and proudly challenging the way you know about local communications. 

Trango is a modern communications software that is specially designed to cater the needs of your local communications. It works WITH AND WITHOUT INTERNET. Now your file sharing does not require emailing in bits and chunks or going through the hassle of USB transfers or any other inconvenient way that ruins your experience. Neither do you require internet to communicate with people on the same network. Trango allows you to share files like this-click, sent. No matter what the file size is.  

Moreover, what do you use if two departments of the same organization have to make video calls? The popular video call apps? But that requires internet. What if you are working at a place where there is slow or no internet; a factory, a hotel in a remote area or any other off-grid area. You don’t need to compromise on your business needs. Trango allows you to make audio/video calls or conference calls without internet. And even if you have internet, why bother using an external network to communicate confidential things about your business. Using trango saves a lot of time and money. Same time and money that you can invest in your business reaping great profits. Plus, your privacy is guaranteed. It is E2E encrypted (AES 256 bit encryption) and is peer to peer. Therefore, your data never leaves your network.  

Trango does not stop at just calling and file sharing. It is one in all solution. It also provides walkie talkie, instant messenger and eliminates the need for PBX. So, we have rolled all of this into one solid solution: audio/video conferencing, file sharing, walkie talkie, PBX and instant messenger.  

Trango is carefully designed to provide all of these while making a beautiful user experience, empathize with the users and provide a solution that will make their communications come to life- we aim at making local communications easier, cheaper and faster.  

We believe it’s not the biggest companies in the world, not the biggest entrepreneurs either that make difference but the desire to pursue something truly great, something that has the power to transform lives. This is what trango works for. 

Let’s trango! 

Because trango is built around you. Because trango is future. Because you deserve better. Don’t settle for less! 

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